Smile Series

Smile Series

Economical Sliding

With a minimalistic design, Smile sliding series offers an aesthetic solution for the architectural building. It has a wide range of opening styles based on double or triple track windows.

  • All accessories are sourced from leading suppliers in Europe
  • Our hardware and profiles are tested based on EU norms to provide the strictest and highest standards
  • All windows are equipped with a special drain cap to handle stormy weather


Flush Interlock

Seamless interlock with no visible overlapping profile and complete insect seal.

Automatic Lock

Automatic handle adjusted to perfection to ensure the long operational life of the lock.

Functional Design

The functional purpose of the corner joint is insured without our automated clamping machine.


Keep your window open for ventilation without letting mosquitoes enter your home.

Door Stopper

Bumper present to avoid violent shocks between window.

Corner Piece

Anti-lift to prevent burglar intrusion and guide accessory to ensure smooth sliding.

Smile Finishes

MyWindow presents a large variety of colors and finishes accentuating the look of your house, with more than 1500 RAL finishes in vibrant colors and panels of different patterns like gloss and matte finishes, pastel shades, metallic and anodized colors & also wood grain finish, you have a classy pick for your windows or doors.