Facade and Cladding

infinities HT

A front cladding system with high energy efficiency and aesthetic value designed for sustainable architecture

Cladding a building represents a double opportunity to add value to it. In fact, on one hand the technical nature of cladding can add “life” to an area that traditionally only provides structural support to buildings and separates the outside form the inside. On the other hand cladding, intended as a combination of material and design, can characterise the overall building in a distinctive way.

The ventilated infinities HT wall system is technologically suitable for new buildings as well as for the restoration of existing ones in terms of energy efficiency, thus optimising the exchange of thermal inflows and outflows during winter and summer.

The main advantages from the use of this system are: prestigious finishes from the use of four different materials, providing the building with a high aesthetic and architectural value; energy efficiency and a remarkable improvement of the thermal performance thanks to the interaction between insulation and natural ventilation; finally, the possibility of generating renewable energy given the option of installing photovoltaic panels that perfectly integrate in the front wall.